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Protect Your Display on Whirlpool WPW10438752 During Shipping

This post is a public service announcement to protect your board display when shipping the board for repair.  Please remove the board from the plastic case.  If the board and black case are shipped together, there is a high risk of the board and case shifting during shipment and causing irreparable display damage.  To understand the nitty gritty, this diagram illustrates the problem.

Critical Points on WPW10438752


This problem applies to the following boards.

 2683891 | 8302305R | 8303022 | B001KGQF7U | B00J8I7L0W | B008DK3YJI | B00L5G81LS | B001UGO42I | B07646YQSP | B008DJLCEI | 8301890 | 8303018 | AP6021415 | PS11754739 | W10438752 | 8302305 | W10251587

To remove the PCB from the plastic housing there are 7 clips that need to be pressed one by one and the board will start coming out.  This picture shows the the location of the clips.  There are cutouts in the case for fingers to wrap around the edge of the board and pull it out as the clips are released.  You may have to unscrew the case from the panel to actuate some of the clips.7 Clips to remove WPW10438752


This image shows the board removed.  Please only ship this board.  Use plenty of bubble wrap or other cushioning material to completely surround the board when in the box for the shipping.

WPW10438752 shown out of plastic housing

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